Strategies to win

Each level could be completed by a variety of ways. To better understand what is your current financial state we introduced few metrics that will help you. See plot at the right part of the screen / right mobile screen on mobile. The plot has Capital and Capital Potential curves. Capital curve do represent your … Read more


You do start the game as a person with cashflow incomes and outcomes. At the very beginning you get to know the goal of the level. For example, it could be capital increasing or positive cashflow hitting. Each turn is presented as an event, where you can read out what is happening, making the decision … Read more


We would be happy to hear your ideas and suggestions to implement them at the next game versions.

Bugs / Issues

We do our best to keep game experience smooth, it would be great if you can help us with it! Please, feel free to report any issues you had during the game at the comments section of that page.

Game Updates

Working hard with very every version we make for you, please, give us a feedback if you liked recent changes.Your ideas and suggestions you can submit at the ideas section. v 2.1.0 A Christmas tree has been placed on the main page Updated design Updated game mechanics v 1.1.2 Improved the system of the world … Read more


Frequently asked questions to help you understand the game aspects faster.If you don’t find your question at the list, please, feel free to ask at comments section at the bottom of the page. Is it a FREE game? Yes, base version of the game is totally FREE, however, we probably will add some paid features … Read more