Cash Flow Online

Personal capital management simulator
Why do others play without you?
No credit card needed - cancel anytime - 18+ required
Playing with others makes you quickly understand your weaknesses!
Meet new people with the same interests as you!
Grow together, polishing your great financial mindset!

What does it include

Realistic financial events simulation
Quick game sessions, 5-15 min each
Rapid breaking of the human mind limits

Easy to learn

- Game is the best way to learn
- During playing, you are extremely concentrated
- You feel great, solving challenging game issues

Real life impact

The game environment carefully simulates real-life economy

The new knowledge could be easily applied to your life

You will learn to see much more opportunities around.

What Your Further Friends Say

Hobbies that make you money
Sharpen your habits to manage your financial life correctly.
Cashflow online can help you with it.